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What would Ma Ingalls do?

Catchy title, eh?  Towards the bottom of the post please; I named this post after writing.

Melinda, of One Green Generation, asked some great questions in today’s post about why I choose to participate in the Seed-to-seed challenge.  I posted a quick little answer and thought this may take more exploring.

She asks these questions:

I’m curious, and I think it might be helpful to others: how and why you decide to grow from seed to seed this year?  Are you growing food for the first time?  Are you feeling more of an economic crunch, or want to take the next step in living a simple/sustainable life?  Are you doing it for the joy of slowing down?  Why, why, why?

And secondly, are you noticing a shift in your neighborhood to a greater interest in growing food?  I feel like more people are looking for gardening classes, I see online seed stores are really going through their inventories, and in general a lot more information about gardening.  Do you see this, too?

Why did I decide to grow from seed to seed this year?  Ronnie and I have had a garden for 4 years now.  We believe a garden is important to live simply and as much off the grid as possible.  Seed saving is important as it allows one to help protect the food supply; no modified food stuffs here.  Seed saving also provides a certain sense of satisfaction, feeling of independence, and assurance that we really can do this.  Not to mention that it has done so much to help us save $$ on the food bill.  At any one time we could be feeding up to 6+ people (our 4 children and friends/other family).  We are trying to move off the grid as much as possible while reusing the resources we already have or have access to.

Her second paragraph was a bit more difficult to answer.  I have notice a slight shift in our area; something I have heard yet not really seen.  The local hardware store used to sell seeds and seedlings; now it is more construction supplies (not really though.  They occasionally have what we are looking for).  Most people I hear talk of gardens, buy their seedlings from nurseries north of here – plants are more hardy.  I think I may talk about seed sharing with these people and try to get something started in our community.  I do not mind starting seedlings for people, at a small fee, to keep heirloom varieties alive and more widely used.

Along those lines, while reading another post (I apologize for not documenting where) I found this article.  This is a cool blog and, sadly, appears to be no longer active; what would Ma Ingalls do (WWMID)?  Another interesting discussion, along these same lines, can be found here.


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  1. I had to laugh at WWMID? because, having a long Hot Springs history, I immediately thought of Mrs. Ingalls, wife of the owner of the Hot Springs Company, hotel and all! I knew that Mrs. Ingalls, and she would have had one of the staff take care of whatever she needed!

    Comment by Anne Boleyn | March 26, 2009 | Reply

    • You are soo right about Mrs. Ingalls! I had forgotten that the Ingalls family were the Homestead until a few years ago. LOL No comparison between Laura Ingalls Wilder and Mrs. Ingalls of Hot Springs. =)

      Comment by Annette | March 26, 2009 | Reply

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