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Groceries, planning, organization i.e. lions, tigers and bears, Oh My!

Yesterday’s haphazard trip to town and my lack of organization brought to stark relief just how disorganized I really am when it comes to groceries.  We do not waste food in the fridge; left overs, if there are any, are eaten fairly quickly.  Where I do see waste is in Ronnie’s and my eating out at lunch time and my lack of organization when it comes to grocery shopping and creative meal planning.  Can you say L-A-Z-Y or perhaps overly busy is a more kind, still accurate description?  Melinda made a good comment in her post, Honesty Is An Important Aspect of Sustainability, so I am fessing up.

Growing up, my mom was an amazing couponer/refunder.  She saved all packaging and even traded with other people to complete offers.  She did this for several years and finally saved up enough to take the family to Disney World or is it Land…the one in Florida.  Anyway, we do not have the time or space to take refunding/couponing that far and we do not usually buy name brand; however, I think I can do a little better at planning what we need, keeping a list, and checking the specials etc.  I have seen a few hints dropped in the blogs I read about tracking food expenses and one even has a notebook!  Now if I can just remember who that was…

Because Ronnie bowls on Wednesdays, that is the perfect time for us to ride down together and my pick up whatever we need.  I just need to be more organized.  *sighs*  To see my desk at work one would think “wow, is she organized” yet this does not seem to trickle down into some of the personal areas of my life.  How does that happen, or not as the case may be?


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