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Chilling reads

Kathie, at Two Frog Home, has read all 117 of HR 875 and sums the bill up nicely here.  I also follow Casaubon’s book and Sharon had an interesting view on the same bill.

In the chilling read categorie we have The Age of Stupid from Climate Progress and Reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic, and moral reasoning from Casaubon’s Book.  The post from Casaubon’s Book I have personally witnessed on the local school system.  It is chilling.  Virginia has the Standard’s of Learning (SOLs – accurate name), part of the no child left behind mandate.  The school’s funding is based on those scores and if teachers want to keep their jobs, the classes must average a certain SOL average.  Teachers ‘teach’ to pass the test, notto  relay important information/knowledge/concepts.  *shivers*  I cannot say which I find more scary!

My posts have been infrequent and perhaps too thought provoking.  Nothing like a good shake in the boots to realize that homesteading is more than the ‘in’ thing to do; it is a matter of survival; to teach my kids how to live in a world that will be less hospitable than it is now, less technology based. Here in lies the challenge.  What about my grandchildren?

We all know there are more scary things than what I have posted.  It is just too mind boggling.  Can we save overload??  I think I need a cup of tea.


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