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Carrots, radishes and taters, Oh my!

It has been an interesting week.  Schools were closed on Monday as the shooter was still ‘at large’ so I stayed home with them.  It is amazing on how many chores ones thinks they can get done with an unexpected day off – NOT!  =)  We hung out with my doing some cooking/baking/knitting and the girls reading and surfing the web.  Late that afternoon Matt, the tractor guy, came and disc’d the garden.  It looks sooo good!!  Even the new ground was in great shape.  So Monday evening we planted 8 rows of potatoes; four white and four purple cadillac (the meat is not purple, just the skins).  In between the potatoes, I planted onions (white, yellow & purple).  Then we broadcast seeded the carrots and radishes together.  All of this is in my little book, to which I do not have access at the moment.  The rains started yesterday and will probably continue through the weekend.  Not a heavy, washing away dirt rain but a gentle, misting type – great for the garden!

I had considered planting partial shade loving plants in our front yard; however, since the girls enjoy playing in the front yard and we have taken over most of the back yard with the other garden, I believe these greens may be limited to what can be grown in the front flower beds.  Perhaps lettuces and spinach?

Tuesday was spent working both jobs and then yesterday I hung out at home, fixed dinner, read and hung out with my chillins.  Today I work both jobs and then will be off all weekend (yes, still work on Friday).  As I read my schedule in print I am reminded of an article I read in Causabon’s book about the cost of our ‘lifestyle’ and it has made me think; is my family really benefiting from my working both jobs?  The 2nd income helps to feed our technology addiction (cell phones and DSL) and when the girls have a field trip or need project supplies.  What is the cost of my not being at home on those evenings?  It sounds like a topic for a good family discussion.  =)


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  1. It’s an interesting thought isn’t it? How much is work costing you? I look forward to reading what you figure out. Of course, there’s never easy answers, but I’m willing to bet you might find something that works with everyone pitching in and perhaps sacrificing a little.

    Comment by Kathie | March 27, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hi Annette, I found your blog through Sharon’s. Hot Springs looks like a beautiful place to live. It’s really hard to make financial decisions when the future is as uncertain as ours (in the U.S. and entire world) is right now. My advice would be to work both jobs, if you can do it without ruining your health or completely missing out on the opportunity to spend time with your kids while they’re young.

    But don’t spend the extra money on consumables, unless they are things that truly improve the quality of your life. For me, high speed Internet service is one of the last things I’d cut from my budget, but I happily do without fashionable clothes or an expensive car or a dishwashing machine or fancy towels.

    Cut your consumables to the bare minimum, and spend the extra money paying down your mortgage (if you have one) or buying more land to enlarge your garden. On the other hand, if the U.S. dollar goes into hyper-inflation, which I think it will sooner or later, paying down the mortgage might not turn out to be good advice, since you can pay it later with cheaper dollars. It might be better to spend the extra money on tools and garden equipment, or convert it into silver (which is probably better value right now than gold) so you’ll have some money saved in case a time comes when you don’t have a job.

    Comment by Barb | March 29, 2009 | Reply

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