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Being instead of doing

This fits into an earlier post about what things cost.  Things being anything you want it to be – yes I used the word while trying to define ‘it’.  =P  Things can be material items, a job, a mindset, an idea, an action, etc.  You get the picture.  The original content can be found here.  May we be less doing and more being.

Have you ever admired a successful person? What was it that you admired? Was it their fame? Their lifestyle? Their accomplishments?

Society teaches us that to be successful, we must achieve-we, must “do” something to earn it. We are taught to work hard to be “successful”. And to show our success we buy things – material “things” that prove our success “status”. When we focus on earning success we become “Human Doings”.

Human Doings overload themselves with long lists of goals, objectives and “to do” lists. They become emotionally drained as they spread themselves too thin. Worse yet, they are unavailable to respond to the emotional needs of those around them because they have so little left to give. Just as a hand becomes calloused to toughen sensitive skin, so does a human doing become insensitive to “feeling” the emotions of those around him.

“Human Beings” consciously chooses to slow down, prioritize and maintain balance. They understand the risk of getting too over responsible to their success at the cost of becoming insensitive, distant and emotionally unavailable. They make a decision to stay in touch with those they love by setting up boundaries that prevent them from becoming a slave to their goals.

dandelion1After yesterday’s posting about weeds, I took out my camera and began documenting the kinds of ‘weeds’ I have growing in my side iris/lilly soon-to-be-lettuce garden.  Dandelion and chickweed were the easiest ones to identify.  Am working to identify the others, see if they are good eatin!


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