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Ok, so

After careful review, I believe that Blogger is a better option for me than WordPress so I am making the move back. Video and pictures are both easier to place and there is a greater selection of eyecandy. =) You know me, it is all about the candy! Blogger appears to be easier to use. I promise to not make a move again. =)

Anyway, we sent to see some friends this weekend; they have chickens and a new heifer calf by the name of Bella. Here are some pictures of our visit. Ashley fell in love with the chickens and Bella stole the show (of course). Her mom, Maybelle, would not come in to be milked if Bella was in the field with her. Bella has not been eating well, so they had to separate the two of them. Our friends bought these chickens from a commercial hatchery (I may not remember this correctly) and when their hens arrived they had been de-beaked! Now keep in mind that de-beaking does mean that the beaks have been removed. The tips have been cut off so they cannot hurt each other. This does, though, make pecking a challenge. I enjoyed the hens scratch around – very soothing.


April 7, 2009 - Posted by | Chickens

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