Ward House


I am in a similar boat as Phelan – not much to report, feeling kind of overwhelmed. After an amazingly beautiful (yet windy) Sunday we had a skiff of snow last night and cold winds again this morning. Thankfully the blueberries, strawberries and new pear trees were pine needle mulched on Sunday while it was warm; it appears that the blueberries may already be lost. The neighbor’s blueberries do not yet have buds so perhaps ours will survive. They just looks so… dead. Like twigs sticking out of the dirt. =/
Nothing new on the garden end, yet. Seedling containers in the sill still look like empty potting soil – insert tomatoes here. Perhaps it is not yet warm enough in that window to prompt growth. *shrugs* I do not have anything high tech to start seeds – a clear Tupperware tub with a lid sitting in front of the window. It looks like a large terrarium with little seed starter doodads in it. I’ll have to post a picture as I am sure some will find it very entertaining!
Items that still need doing:

  • finish the last bedroom upstairs in time for my sisters visit in June (are you still coming?)
  • finish the upstairs bath in time… see end of first item.
  • mud the upstairs hallway and down the stairs – paint same. Not a requirements for sister’s visit.
  • finish identifying edible weeds in the yard – Oh, I have begun collecting dandelion blooms to make dandelion wine this year. The buds do not close when frozen – something I did not know until recently. Crunchy blooms.
  • build magno-electric wind mill for electricity generation (for water heater, frig, computers)
  • weed-eat (not literally. Use gas powered machinery) BF empty lot so Matt can plow and disc a new garden site (see land for sale link on sidebar). Potatoes and beans will go here.
  • complete planning of garden.

I have a feeling the rest of the garden is going to happen quickly once the last frost is over – about Mother’s Day. BF is a local country boy so he plants by what everyone else has been doing forever. Bless his heart, he is so patient with me and willing to try new things. We are using companion plantings to help boost the yield (yes, good compost is a must here as well) and help with organic pest control. While leaning on a hoe, dressed in jeans and big boots, he will ask what we are planting next, I tell him, and he will reply “are you sure about that?”. I am standing there with my book and in flip flops. LOL Again, I’ll have to get one of the girls to take a picture. The neighbors always seem to get a kick out of seeing us in the yard.


April 7, 2009 - Posted by | Gardening, self sufficiency

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