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Last year I posted about the beginnings of our worm composting bins (vermiculture). For awhile I thought that using too much worm compost would burn the roots of your plants so I have used it very carefully. It would appear that this information is incorrect. Planet Natural states that because the PH is neutral that it is an excellent overall fertilizer. This compost can be used as a top dressing, in potting mix, seed raising mix or around the base of fruit trees.

Now our vermiculture set up is by no means glamorous. We do not have one of those commercially produced worm bins; a Rubbermaid green bin from K-mart with small holes drilled into the bottom for drainage, and larger holes towards the top and in the lid for ventilation. This evening we sorted the worms from their gold and we will use direct in the garden as well as make some worm tea; soak collected matter, strain and then spray or pour.

Now for a completely different tangent, isn’t this one of the cutest projects?? The tutorial can be found here.
Along crafting lines, various envelope templates can be found here and a bird house, from recycled pallets and various what nots, here.


April 16, 2009 - Posted by | Crafting, Gardening, sewing

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