Ward House

Dance has ended

For now. Some of you remember when we first installed the wood cook stove – food has never tasted so good! Now that the weather has warmed, we can no longer stand to be in the house when this stove is in operation and have begun to use the electric range. Thoughts have now turned to cleaning the stove and closing the chimney (keep birds and bats out) until it is time to fire her up in the fall. Yes I used the female pronoun to describe our cook stove – the nurturer.

Now I cannot remember the last time I used the dryer to dry something – perhaps over the winter to dry sheets when it was too cold outside. Yes, some of our sheets did ice up on the line! Was an interestingly crunchy sounding feel. Anyway, we do not use the dryer and our hot water is heated by the outside wood furnace so the electric stove was the only real electrical sucking appliance we were using (other than the fridge). Would you believe that it only made a $30 difference in our electric bill??? Our usage was down by almost 100 kwh to 605 kwh for the month. Where we were zapped (no pun intended) was the amount of money that our local electric coop buys the electricity. Would you believe that Virginia imports more power than is produced in state?? I am trying to not be ill. The rep was impressed at what we were able to reduce our electrical usage to such a ‘small’ number. 605 still seems too big to me.


April 28, 2009 - Posted by | Cooking, wood cook stove

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