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Doing what one enjoys is fine as long as one takes care of the body. I LOVE to knit yet it creates havoc with my right forearm. Havoc meaning I cannot really lift anything using this arm without pain. Keep in mind that the muscle bellies for your fingers all rest and insert at the elbow. The fine muscle control required for knitting really puts these muscles to the test and mine are just, well, weak.

Having said that, I had my first massage in 7 years this past Saturday and WOW! Knowing that muscles store stress, I had no idea that so much was stored in mine. The therapist noted how my forearm was not lying flat beside me and inquired. I explained about the knitting and resulting pain; She nodded knowingly and said I just needed to counter stretch these muscles and it should correct itself in a few days. The poise she suggested is similar to the locust only my hands are not in a fist beside me, they are palms down under my thighs and I do not lift my legs. It is an intense pose for my arms as it is; leg lifting will come once I can tolerate the movement. Thankfully, a difference is already noticed and I no longer feel that knitting will have to go.

So as the gardening season picks up, do not forget to stretch. Oh, and never stretch a cold muscle. Always warm the muscle up first with movement and then stretch. Just my little personal training tip for the day.


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