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Planting templates

Reading seed packets is usually pretty simple. Planting seeds the recommended distance can be challenging (for me anyway). I know my forearm, from elbow to wrist, is 10.5″ and my pointer finger joint, the one after my nail, is 1″; this is what I use as a guide. Kinda funny to see me placing my arm on the ground to measure the distance between plantings/seeds. Nothing like getting close and personal with ones garden!

Anyway, Kate, over at the SGF Coop has a fab post on planting templates. I am going to ask Ronnie to make me a few of these. It’ll keep me cleaner when in the garden and the neighbors are less likely to think me more odd than they already do.

We have had almost two weeks of rain and today, so far, appears to be partly sunny! If it can keep it up until this evening, I will put my remaining plants into the ground; Days are in the 70’s and nights in the 50’s with no frost in the forecast… yet. These plants will include squash, tomatoes, peppers, and herbs. We will plant beans and corn when we return from a short weekend trip (Lancaster, PA).

I love to go to Lancaster (a yearly trip) and chat with the Amish on how they live, plant, etc. Very educational and gives us all sorts of ideas for our little homestead.


May 7, 2009 - Posted by | Gardening, traveling

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  1. Those planting templates are most excellent. Great idea. Now I just gotta get me some yard…The picture of you laying out imaginary triangles with your arms in the dirt, though- that might be better than templates. Yeah, actually, it is better.I lived in Philadelphia for two years, during grad school- sure do miss the gardening weather, the amazing produce (and, well, Philadelphia).

    Comment by ilex | May 8, 2009 | Reply

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