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I have hermit, homebody tendencies. Isn’t that true of most homesteaders? We do not travel much cause the money is tighter and needs to be used for other things. Our May trip to Lancaster did happen this year despite finances. This is normally a motorcycle trip but since we do not have a bike this year we will drive the van. Yup. We are the support vehicle for the other 6 have-motorcycle friends. On a lighter note, I will not have to worry about helmet hair. =)

This trip seemed a bit more mellow than our last one; taking a bike trip without a bike, well, it is just not the same. We were able to bring back more gifts than last trip – van can hold way more than the bike with trailer.

Friday’s trip up was uneventful ’til just outside Hagerstown W.V. We were stopping for a break when on the exit ramp, the bike in front began to wobble dangerously and then onto the shoulder. His rear wheel was shredded. We stay far enough back from the pack to make room when the riders need it and block traffic if they need over. We never noted anything in the road that he could have hit to do that kind of damage to his tire. Thankfully he had road side assistance and, two hours later, we were back on the road. He had picked up a nail that had done it’s damage and then exited. It could have been much worse than a 2-hour delay. We arrived at the motor lodge, checked in, snagged some dinner and then just collapsed into bed.

Ronnie and I are two of the few people in this group that have a job so we are used to getting up at 7 to start the day. Vacation is no different. Since no one else was stirring we decided to take a walk and off we went. Being out that ‘early’ gave way to some great photos, hand holding and quiet talks. Saturday morning we were able to watch the children walk barefoot to school and Sunday the roads were full of carriages and people walking to church.

Watching how these people live inspired me to continue to move towards a more simple, self sufficient lifestyle.

I heart Lancaster PA!


May 13, 2009 - Posted by | traveling

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  1. Oh, I love the Lancaster area as well. My husband is originally from Reading, PA and we lived both in Reading and in Bethlehem for a few years. I’m glad you had a safe trip.Judy

    Comment by fullfreezer | May 13, 2009 | Reply

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