Ward House

Hearing Voices a.k.a. intuition

You ask, “Annette, are you hearing voices?” Well, no. Only when my kids try to talk to me from upstairs ’cause they do not want to walk down the stairs to find me. That still, small voice ‘whispers’ to my heart, applies subtle pressure, encouraging me to take the plunge and leave the waitressing for something more substantial, like writing, gardening, learning to wild craft; all survival skills that I, my family and community will need in the coming years.

It is amazing how some ideas/events all come together to send a loud and clear message. For awhile I’ve known that waitressing part-time is not the best use of my talents. The owner of the restaurant even said so. He also said I would discover myself on my own. Not sure what that meant. The extra cash that waitressing bring in helps to pay the bills along with a few creature comforts (where did that phrase come from, creature comforts), so why rock the boat? Well, several occurrences have come together to reiterate that this second job needs to be looked at more closely. One is Rhonda’s post, next is drawing the Bat medicine card (another story if you are interested) and my branching out into writing for Blogs other than my own (Agrarian Times and Homemakers Who Work).

Listening to one’s intuition is important and is a skill we have as children, loose when we enter our teens and adulthood and hear again as we enter middle age and get older. Rhonda’s post got me to thinking about what I want to do in life – 40 something is not too late! When one considers that Social Security/Medicare will not be viable when I am ready to retire at 70, income generating skills need to be in place and earning before I hit 50.

Do not think that because you are in a rut that you cannot get out and do something else. Yes, these are scary times. I am content with modern comforts: cell phone, internet service, electricity, etc but these are not a gimme. Baby steps. Just a few in a new direction, pause and take a few more.

Ok, have that off my chest. Now it is time to act. Perhaps this is my Doing, Not Thinking Challenge.


May 14, 2009 - Posted by | Doing not thinking, economy, family, self sufficiency

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