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DNT update and other nonsense

Not saying that the DNT is nonsense. This picture of my mug falls under the nonsense category. Kathie had posted about moments she is enjoying and I included vanilla biscotti coffee from my new ‘recycled’ starbucks mug. As that phrase sounds kind of icky, a picture is definately worth a thousand words. This is a new mug that is made from 28% post consumer plastic.

Now that the mug is cleared up, on to the DNT challenge. Not as much as been accomplished. *sighs heavily*

  1. Not walking to work yet. Went home sick Monday, had an appt. in Staunton Tuesday so that just left today. Tomorrow I am on call for the restaurant and work there Fri. & Sat. night. Good thing about the hours is that I can hopefully get some medical bills paid for and be in a better position financially.
  2. Waiting and watching for windows – watching Craigs List.
  3. Ronnie knows someone, who knows someone, who services machines for The Bacova Guild. Waiting to hear if this guy can look at my machine. In the meantime I did buy a Brother sewing machine. Has more bells and whistles than I currently use; however, this Brother will take me into more projects.
  4. Tallow is still in the freezer. Ronnie and I did talk (yes, talk is cheap) about making soap. I explained, briefly, how lye is made from ashes and how a ‘simple’ barrell can be used to filter water through ashes to make lye. Remember we have a wood furnace and wood cook stove – Lots of ashes. In the meantime, my next trip to Walmart will include a lye purchase, unless the local mart has it – I will be floored if they do!
  5. Complete. I purchased the banner, completed policies, listed and have even paid on my first invoice! Whoo hoo.

Wow. Now, before I forget, Sharon has some great info here about saving/preserving/using herbs. Enjoy today and I’ll be back.

June 3, 2009 - Posted by | Doing not thinking, economy, family, Recycling, sewing, wood cook stove


  1. You are amazing! I love the mug, btw.

    Comment by Kathie | June 3, 2009 | Reply

  2. hehe. Thanks Kathie!

    Comment by Annette | June 4, 2009 | Reply

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