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Herb garden update

A few days ago I included in a post about relocation/begining an herb garden in the side yard; someplace that will get the warmth that plants like rosemary will need to winter over. Last night, one of my coworkers gave me a comfrey transplant – this will be the first plant in my new herb garden.

Now the space I have to work with is an odd rectangular shape which in math terms is not a true rectangle. In looking at the weed free space a half circle will work best with the flat side being the back of the shed.

What is an herb garden without a sundial? Buying a sundial is the easy way to accessorise so I decided I wanted to make one; well more like find the directions so Ronnie can make one. =) After much searching I found one that is printable and will transfer to wood. The type I was searching for is a vertical sundial that will hang on the back of the shed. For the northern hemisphere, print this one; Southern, go here. There are other decorations I can hang on the wall and those will be added later. Now I need some brick and pea gravel for the walkways. Perhaps I will just use the prolific stone that is in this area. =)

So yesterday evening the girls and I pulled weeds and collected rocks for the designated spot. That went very well and the area is almost ready – waiting for the weekend when Ronnie can bring the tiller through. I have not tackled that as the furnace water lines go through this area (not something I want to break) and Ronnie has not yet shown me how to use the tiller. After this weekend I will take pictures and post. So exciting!

While weeding I discovered some poison ivy tendrils; yes, prior to pulling. =) So into the house I went, washed hands and arms (even though hands were gloved), pulled on a long sleeved white shirt and went back out. As far as I can tell, all the ivy is now gone, uprooted back to the source. *whew* As soon as that was done, I immediately went to the house, threw my clothes into the washer and hopped into the shower. Now it is all over but the waiting. . . waiting to see if the precautions paid off!

In planning this garden, I found many cool designs with one of my favorites here (mine will be a semi-circle) and some great herb info here.

June 11, 2009 - Posted by | Gardening, self sufficiency

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