Ward House

Ok, I think I have it

A few things actually. Nothing contagious though! First thing I have is the new blog design – let me know what you think. Second is that we now have potatoes! These little babies are still growing, however it was nice to have a ‘mess’ of them to throw in some of last years canned green beans. These potatoes are white and purple skinned. Yummy!

Other items I need to remember include:

It has been a bit hectic at the Ward House – this week was the last week of school for both girls and neither of them had exams Tuesday afternoon so I picked them up at 2:00 pm, neither had exams on Wednesday, Ashley had her Spanish Exam today (scored a 91 – way to go!) and they do not have to take exams tomorrow. Both girls are now officially finished with school until end of August or beginning of September – this date is not yet published. Tomorrow they will head down to their dads for a few weeks before returning on June 22nd for fitness/weight training camp.

Phyllis should be back to work at the restaurant the week of the 22nd so that will also reduce the amount of time I am there. Mixed blessing; the extra $$ is great yet the time away from home is not (great that is). I am looking forward to spending more time at home getting ready for the harvest, doing some sewing and spending more time posting. =) Yes, blogging nourishes the techno geek side of me.

I’ve missed all of you!


June 11, 2009 - Posted by | family, Gardening

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