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Charting usage

Dropping the second job will allow me to be focused on what matters – our home and how it runs. Of my two daughters, Ashley has become more interested on the cost of things, specifically the electric bill. I had forgotten about this until I read e4’s post about charting electricity usage numbers – something Ashley can chart over the summer. She and Katelyn are also to create a chore chart, similar to what they had while visiting their Aunt Linda last summer. Today is to be the creation date and as of this writing, Ashley is home making pancakes for lunch while Katelyn and Mariah are at the pool. All are coming home to pancakes (as requested by the pool goers). Thank you Ashley! Perhaps this chart will be created after sports camp this afternoon.

In other news, we made great progress in the garden over the weekend – all tomatoes are staked, beans are training onto the trellis and I just realized that I had not yet planted the winter squashes. Oh My! Something to rectify this afternoon!

In other news, love this bag pattern and at some point will read this book < I believe I have a new author to love and respect!


June 22, 2009 - Posted by | family, Gardening

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  1. Those bags are darling. One of the cast members in my show loves Wendell Barry!

    Comment by Stacy | June 24, 2009 | Reply

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