Ward House

and the rains came down

Not much going on at the moment, other than waiting to see if I have a job and if so, how much of a wage reduction. Those changes will become effective the first of August. In preparation for the continuing decline in the economics of this area, I am again pursuing my certificate in massage therapy. One of the local therapists said, “Annette, this is a sign – now is the time”. I am inclined to agree. Would be nice to keep my job for a little longer, until another skill can be had.

Now you may ask, how massage therapy will benefit in a declining economy? Around here, we have The Homestead and other B&B’s that offer spa services. At the Grist Mill, the demand is higher than the number of therapists available. It is also a skill that will barter well; that and cooking, laundry, teaching knitting, crochet, and sewing.

In the meantime, the garden continues to do well though two squash plants and two tomato plants appear to be challenged – wilting for no apparent reason. I thought it may have been lack of water, since it has been dry around here; however, a good watering several nights in a row does not appear to have helped. Perhaps this slow steady rain will perk them back up.

Yesterday eve we harvested a slew of beets, eating some with onions, EVOO and red wine vinegar while the remaining will be canned/pickled. My fingers were pink! Did you know that beets will, well, turn your urine and other excrements an odd color? Ronnie called me earlier this morning concerned that he needed to see a doctor. FDL Guess I should have warned him, eh?

The painted pony beans are ready and wonder, do we fix them the same as we do any other beans? And allow a few of the plants to ‘go to seed’ for next year? I know what to do with blue lake beans, not so much the other varieties. Suggestions/advise would be great here. =)

I would love to have some pictures available for you and the camera is perfectly fine; it is simply a case of not thinking about it or being too lazy to download the pictures from the camera. Will have something posted soon – one can only hope! =)

Have a great day!


July 17, 2009 - Posted by | Gardening

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  1. I have a good friend that makes a very good living as a massage therapist working from insurance referrals – car accidents, falls, other tramas often prescribe massage therapy.If the tomato plants don't perk up, pull them and cut your losses. You won't get a good crop out of them anyway, and if it's bacterial wilt you don't want the rest of your plants to get infected.Regarding your lemon balm question, I use it for any mouth sores. It's both an anti-viral and anti-bacterial healing herb, and makes a nice tea anyway.

    Comment by Sadge | July 18, 2009 | Reply

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