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Burdock, uses for

We have a slew of burdock growing in the unused parts of the yard. In the past we have tried to pull them up only to have the leaves break off in our hands. No worries on our part; I know the plant is usable, just had not put too much thought into it. So, how does one use burdock roots?

I am back to that scene from the Hobbit “Boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew”. LOL Not too off track. Many sites state the leaves are a tastey treat for goats and the root to work as a diuretic or as a help for hemorrhoids. Wikipedia mentions a use for burn treatment as it creates a moisture barrier and helps to slow bacteria growth. Now that would not be bad if I were out and could not get my hands on a band aid. How does all this information translate into practical, real life, you-and-me use? An excellent question and one I am still trying to answer. This plant looks so good in writing, though non of the proposed uses (other than sauteing and eating) have any application in our lives, for the moment anyway. There are always precautions like the root looks similar to that of nightshade so be sure of what you are buying/digging and do not take while lactating or pregnant.

Do any of you use burdock or have stories from your family about its use? Would you share those stories/uses? We have so much of this I’d love to find a way to use it.


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