Ward House

The death of a washer

There was a noisy, painful sounding death at our house last nite. The washer part of our 4 year old, stacked washer/dryer made a horrible racket towards the end of the final rinse and then refused to spin that last time. Well, she spun some, in a ‘I’m trying’ way so we could at least wring out some of the remaining water prior to hanging the sheets outside. Now, if the dryer broke, that would be non issue as everything gets hung up outside on the line, or if it is too cold, is draped on the wooden drying racks. So today the repair guy comes out to have a look and can hopefully fix it in an hour; paying him to repair is still cheaper than replacing.

This evening it is off to Buffalo Gap to watch the girls play volleyball. From there Ashley and the rest of the varsity team will head to Richmond for a 2 day tournament; she will be home Saturday eve. Finances will not allow me to attend, so I am depending on others for pictures, updates, etc.

** UPDATE **
The repair guy just left and it appears that we need a new spring and belt – the parts will be in tomorrow. Yeah! Just in time for weekend washing. =) It is scary how much I depend upon this machine.


September 3, 2009 - Posted by | economy, family, volleyball


  1. Oh, we had our washer full on die a few months ago. We were washerless for 5 days, in the middle of a school week. So aweful!I'm glad you'll be up and running fast!

    Comment by mrsb | September 4, 2009 | Reply

  2. I cannot imagine this machine dying while in the middle of a school week. Ashley was ready to die when she heard that she would need to wash her game uniform in the sink. LOL It was funny actually. We are so spoiled.

    Comment by Annette | September 4, 2009 | Reply

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