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My friend and fellow sock knitter, has hit a snag and it has now become my quest to see if I can find a solution for her. In case you missed the comments from here, she is using Toe Up Techniques for Hand Knit Socks and the pattern says that she must “knit into the purl bump” while in the first row. This really had me floored until I read this from Knitty:

Look at your chain. One side of it will be smooth and look like a row of little “vees.” The other side will have a bump in the center of each vee. Using your sock yarn and 2 dpns, knit 1 stitch into the bump in the center of each little vee on the back side of the chain until you

Meadowlark, could this be what the book is talking about???

If we leave the county this weekend, I will pick up a copy of this book.

Let me know Chica!


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  1. I've never made toe up socks, although I'm knitted lots of socks. What cast on was used? It does sound like you've found your answer, though.

    Comment by Willow | September 11, 2009 | Reply

  2. I have not done toe up socks either; using a different method myself. Not sure of how she is casting on – perhaps Meadowlark will reply soon. =)Thanks Willow!

    Comment by Annette | September 11, 2009 | Reply

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