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My cell has died

It is a new experience for me, to be without a cell phone that is. I did not grow up with a cell phone and did not get one until I was in my late 30’s. It was a trac phone that eventually grew up into a contract with Verizon.

Last night the button pad died yet I could still call numbers that were saved in contacts. Well, as of this morning that is not even an option. *sighs* I actually feel vulnerable without it! How pathetic is that. Looks like it is time to find that old trac phone, charger, cancel my Verizon phone and buy some minutes for the trac. At some point all of our contract phones will be replaced with trac phones so looks like I will pioneer that change.

Sad that I have become so needful of my electronic toys!

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October 7, 2009 - Posted by | economy


  1. I'd be lost without my cell. I found that when I was working, the minute I'd get in my car and head for home, I'd dial somebody in my family. Wait, don't holler… these are back roads in the country … anyway, I like knowing that someone in my family is just a touch of the button away, even if it's just to say "hey, whatcha doin'?" and then finish up in a minute or two.It's a sickness I suppose.

    Comment by Meadowlark | October 7, 2009 | Reply

  2. well, if it is a sickness than I am in serious trouble. I use it to keep in contact with my kids when they travel with sports and I cannot be there – like tomorrow night!I'm gonna try to find that old trac phone now. *shivers with withdrawl*

    Comment by Annette | October 8, 2009 | Reply

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