Ward House

Animal Additions

We are always looking at methods that will help to increase our food security and two of those include the addition of chickens and rabbits to our homestead; chickens for eggs and rabbits for meat and possible yarn (shear and such). Instead of building a green house, Ronnie is going to put together a coop, and we are looking at this one; ‘easy’ to move around in the garden and yard.

Coop Plans
From what I have read, additional ventilation needs to be added to this coop, though it is not included in these plans. Ventilation not only for the summer but also for the winter (sounds contrary, yes?). Humid air in the roosting/nest box area can lead to frostbite on combs and toes – anyone experience this? With their chickens, I mean, not on your person. Does anyone use a tractor like the one pictured? Where did you add ventilation? I am thinking that louvered ventilation in the top of the triangular end pieces? From what I’ve read, it needs to be above the chickens.

The other possible addition would be rabbits for eating and shearing. I’ve butchered chickens before (or helped with it) but have not actually gutted anything. Rolf would need to come back over and show me, since he has experience.

Who here has rabbits for fur? Meat? The Ward House, historically, has had chickens and hogs. Hogs may be a stretch at this point, rabbits and chickens easier to slip under the radar. Some day I’d like a few pigs and a dairy goat or two. That is SOOO in the future.

So many plans, so little patience!

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October 12, 2009 - Posted by | Chickens, economy

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