Ward House

Cold, slow, knitting day

Slow day today – really cold outside, nice and warm inside.  Would you believe VDOT was on call night for snow?  Yes, some of you already have had snow, and I am envious.  =)  Ronnie’s trying to get the washing machine fixed; seems everytime it would spin the water out, it was leaking down the wall – not something we noticed until water appeared onto the floor!  *ack*  I’ve been cleaning in the living room, our room, making granola and yogurt is ‘cookin’.  Now if I can get some knitting in, all the better!

The sock is coming along.  I did pull out stitches back to the heel flap and have reworked the gusset.  It looks good except that I am not pleased with the left side of the gusset; knit one, slip two stitches to working needle, then knit them. For me, knitting left to right is difficult, right to left, no problems.  *shrugs*  Could be the way I hold the yarn. *shrugs*  Have not found a link on youtube yet that shows an easier way to do this.  Easier is not the best word – makes sense way for me is better.

Again, I’ll try to get pictures up for you today (or tomorrow).  Getting back to the cleaning/organizing. 

Giveaways that end at 9pm est tonite. . .

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October 18, 2009 - Posted by | halloween

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