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I’m s’mitten’

Smitten by this mitten.  =)  Thought details on this mitten were needed since I have bastardized the pattern.  Now if one counts all the attempts and completed mitten’s that have been ripped, a total of 5 pairs have been made.  It never fails that each time I get to the circumference of the hand at the widest part, including the thumb joint, the mitten is too tight.  Every pattern that I’ve tried has been the same.

Yes, I was willing to pay for a pattern that was crochet and looked right – no luck.  Now there are several patterns on Etsy that are very pretty and I was tempted.

Instead work began on the pattern posted previously.  The other patterns I had started had you start with the Cuff.  So using the J hook, I chained 11, turned, sc in 2nd chain from the hook and sc all the way to the end; leaving 10 sc.  Chain 1 and turn.  Now it is a matter of *SC in the back loop of each sc, chain 1, turn* and continuing between the * until one has 10 peaks.  Join with slip stitch.  Voila!  A cuff.

Now is when I changed to the K hook.  SC 31 around the top of the cuff.  To get 31 sc, you will need to do 2sc in a few places – just put these where you’d like.  I have no set spot, like every 3rd sc or something.  Do not join when you get back to the beginning, just continue to sc until it measures 3″ from the cuff to where you are.  Now the joining in the cuff leaves a slightly different ridge so I use this as my gauge/measuring point.  Three inches is where you are going to add the thumb hole.  When you reach the beginning point, chain 6 and join 4 sc down from the beginning of the chain.  Continue to sc around and sc into thumb chain.  This is where I am now.  If you are really interested in making these, give me a few to take pictures along the way; unless this scribble makes sense then crochet along with me.  =)

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