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Japenese Iris

This past weekend was simply amazing – warm temperatures, brilliant sunshine; if I did not know it was November I’d say that Spring was here.

Cleaning up of the iris/herb bed is behind schedule as we have been preoccupied with the girls sports schedule (they won regionals and play the first round of state this Tuesday) and cutting/stacking firewood for the furnace and cook stove.

So Sunday, while waiting to pick up some dried kindling from one of the local wood workers (he makes plank flooring amongst other things), I began clearing out the bed.  In the iris bed grow two different types of plants: Beared Iris and Japanese Iris.  My maternal great grandfather raised iris’s and even created different colors

These Japanese Iris’ come from my Mom’s garden; she was given some from another’s garden.  From what I’ve read, when grown from seed, it takes about three years for the growth to be distinquishable from weeds – that is if you direct seed into the ground.  There is quite a bit of information online about starting from seed:

  • Many sites speak to the need to soak and rinse the seeds often (imitate rainfall and snow melt).  Several do this by placing seeds in pantyhose, tie off, and hang in the toilet tank. With 5 females in our house, the toilet is flushed often.
  • Then place the seeds in the fridge for 4 months.  Plant in flats and keep soil moist
  • This site mentions how Japanese Iris’ need an acidic soil.   Hmmm, can you said pine needles?  =)

My plants grow on the bank and seem to be very happy; we have a slew of seeds.  If anyone is ready to give it a try, let me know; I’ll send you some!  You can post here with your email or just email me direct: wardhouse at yahoo DOT com and I’ll get some of these babies out to you asap.


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