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FLYing lessons

A little known fact about me: I have .7 hours of flying lesson’s under my belt; felt like much longer when actually in the air.  Why only .7 hours?  I realized that this was not a skill I wished to cultivate and am very happy with leaving to the professionals.

The flying lessons I refer to are those found on FlyLady.  Why would one want flying lessons?  These are desirable when one’s house has gotten out of control, sprinkled with some overwhelming, resulting in a   beloved driven crazy.  Flying lessons help by spelling out baby steps – establishing little habits that string together into simple routines that help the day run more smoothly.  I have to thank Julie over at The Domestic Witch for introducing me.

Today is day 6 for me, which means dealing with a Hot Spot for 2 minutes.  That is a hot spot, not to be confused with a Hot Flash.   Hot spots are places that seem to attract clutter.  Am I the only one with hot spots?  Can an entire house be a hot spot?  LOL 


November 18, 2009 - Posted by | family


  1. I got to fly once and I LOVED it!! I have always wanted my pilot's lisence but the price is WAAAY out of my range for the present time.As for the FlyLady, what an interesting idea! I can think of a few hotspots I have right now. Actually, I think our whole upstairs is one!Happy Thursday,Jen

    Comment by Jen Chandler | November 19, 2009 | Reply

  2. LOL Glad to hear someone has a big hot spot. I really looked at the house last night and realized that there are several small hot spots – just those places that seem to collect schtuff. I knocked a few out and will 'hit' a few others this eve. Need it ready by Thanksgiving =)Happy Thursday to you too!

    Comment by Annette | November 19, 2009 | Reply

  3. I've fallen off the flylady wagon again, but it is worth it to just get you started. I do still practice the art of setting timers either to stop me and get me to work on time, or to keep me somewhere instead of picking up something here, and taking it there and then seeing something there, that should be somewhere else and continuing on in that manner…FLY ON!!

    Comment by Karen Sue | November 23, 2009 | Reply

  4. Hi Karen! =) Thank you for posting. I'm not following her program exactly – cannot seem to keep it together; however I have cleaned much from the program and am going to continue through, using what works and moving past what does not. Fly on! *high five*

    Comment by Annette | November 23, 2009 | Reply

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