Ward House

One of those days

After this morning, I had to wonder what today held: coffee pot boiled over (used electric stove instead of the cook stove), my pizza stone broke ’cause it was sitting on the electric stove and I turned on the wrong burner while attempting to make that dang coffee.  *shakes head*

Jack ‘n Otis Update:  Jack is fine with Otis, Otis is not fine with Jack.  Good news is A18’s boyfriend has been looking for a cat and Jack looks to be a good match; single man, great paying job and an affectionate cat that has had shots and is fixed.

An eco friendly giveaway sponsored by  Keeper of the Home:  Eco-Friendly Grocery Shopping At It’s Best.  You can enter to win a Moukisac!  Love these things and the reusable bags for produce, nuts, etc. Keep for your self or use for a gift this holiday.

Onto the Holiday’s.  I realize that Christmas is a big deal for many people; not so at the Ward House.  I enjoy some decorating, having a tree (really enjoy the rosemary toparies shaped like a Christmas tree), baking and family/friends coming over to visit.  Where we run into trouble is the commercial aspect of the holiday.  Thanksgiving is not here yet and stores/radio stations are playing Christmas music; the Homestead already has lights and decorations up.  What the. . . Did I mention that someone down the street already has the lights up on their house???  *heavy sigh*  Yes, I know that gifts are not the ‘reason for the season’; how ’bout some walk to back up that talk?  Being a crafter that means that I work on gifts most of the year, especially if knitting is involved.  =)  There are many other reasons to give and it is not just Christmas.  I gift family and friends throughout the year; we are not guaranteed any time with those we love so why wait?  You may not have til December 25th. 

*climbs off soap box*  The height of that box makes me dizzy.  One of my neighbor has come into some figs, more than she can use, and has gifted several freezer bags to us. *cheers*  Now I need to decide on what to create with them – any ideas?

November 24, 2009 - Posted by | Cooking, Pets, wood cook stove


  1. No fig ideas, sorry.But I do love Christmas. Nothing makes me happier than a little Bing and Dean singing their hearts out to corny Christmas music…"It's a marshmallow world in the winter,When the snow comes to cover the ground,It's time for play,It's a whipped cream day,I wait for it the whole year round."and in case you want to hear it for yourself: http://www.links2love.com/christmas-its-marshmallow-world-lyrics.htmSee… I'm smiling already and I don't even feel very well!! The gift thing has never been an issue for us… we aren't really gift buyers and the holidays are no different. Peace to you my friend… go listen to Dean and your day will be much better! 🙂

    Comment by Meadowlark | November 24, 2009 | Reply

  2. Mmmm, figs! I once saw somewhere a recipe for fig preserves. One decadent way that I have made figs is to poach them in orange liquor, stuff them with slivered almonds and dark chocolate and bake them in the oven until the chocolate melts. Drizzle with a sauce made from the reduced poaching liquid. I don't remember where I found the recipe but it was really good. NOT something for everyday.Oh, and I'd join you on your soap box but I might get a nosebleed up there. Well said! I agree whole heartedly!Judy

    Comment by fullfreezer | November 25, 2009 | Reply

  3. tee hee on my way to listening to Dean now. I enjoy Christmas music, not this early though.Enjoy the season my Meadowlark. =) *hugs*Feel better soon.

    Comment by Annette | November 25, 2009 | Reply

  4. Judy, your so funny. =) *hands you a tissue* Just squeeze tightly and put a cold rag on the back of your neck. =)I'll have to look up that recipe. These figs are smaller than the ones I used to grow – perfect size and they are all uniform. Tastey!

    Comment by Annette | November 25, 2009 | Reply

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