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I’m not the Grinch, really

I like to think that my sense of fashion is waaay better – I certainly do not have the body type that would look good in a green cat suit.  Anyway, in an earlier post I grouched about the commercialism of Christmas.  I totally understand the need for retailers to make ends meet and cannot explain why Christmas sales and music before Thanksgiving irritates me so.  Is it something I learned from childhood?  I still remember when everything was closed on Sundays!  Yes, I am that young.  =) 

My Christmas memories consist of the tree, music, cards, cookies, lights, and just the feel of this time of year – it is a difficult feeling to describe.   Gifts were not a big deal at home either.  It was something fun and mostly function.  One year I remember receiving a Make animal magnets from pom pom’s kit.  I make one for my Grandmother, gave it to her, and was suprised to see it on her refrigerator at our next visit.   Another fond memory was our stockings; there would be an orange in the toe, trinkets sprinkled amidst nuts, candy and wrapped smoked oyster tins.  Yummage!  For some reason these do not sit with me now as well as they did when I was younger. 

I have tried to develop a sense of the season for my girls without all the ‘gotta have’ hubbubaloo.  I’ll have to post gifts after the season so as not to ruin any suprises; all gifts are handmade at home.  I hope to still be able to give the girls some cash so they can get much needed clothes (jeans especially) from Plato’s Closet.  This weekend we will put up a Yule tree, decorate and bake/create a gingerbread house; a favorite activity with the teens.

Do you make ginger bread cookies/houses?  Is there a favorite recipe?


December 1, 2009 - Posted by | Cooking, family


  1. Shush… don't bother me… I'm figuring out the Crackberry… maybe gingerbread later…must…stop…wasting…time…

    Comment by Meadowlark | December 1, 2009 | Reply

  2. LOL I had to Google Crackberry to find out what you were into. Good luck with that, though if you can knit a cap then I have no doubt a Crackberry will be puddy in your hands soon enough! =) I'll make more coffee.

    Comment by Annette | December 1, 2009 | Reply

  3. we also try to escape the consumerism of the holidays. As for ginger bread houses, we're all about the kit, LOL! We have a Plato's closet too or are you closer to me than I thought?

    Comment by Anna | December 2, 2009 | Reply

  4. Sadly, Anna, we are still several states away; I am in Virginia. Sounds like Plato's closet is catching on and of that I am thankful!

    Comment by Annette | December 2, 2009 | Reply

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