Ward House

Where, oh where could it be?

Felting did not occur last night.  We had a fun evening sitting around the kitchen table, eating spaghetti and then just hanging out in the warmth of the cook stove; I was crocheting a scarflet.  It is times like these that are the best gift a mom can have; no one fighting, just laughing and talking.

My camera is still missing.  I have looked in all the usual and unusual places with no success; unusual including in the cabinets and on top of the frig.  It is not in the desk or dresser drawers, book case or closet.  The last place we used it was in the kitchen, A15 was taking pictures of me sleeping at the table.  Well, not really but I could have.  I was sooooo very tired.  The next morning the camera had disappeared.  *heavy sigh*  It is my only camera and I feel nekid without it.  Not sure where the brownies took it too.  Perhaps if I leave a gift in trade they will return it?  What kinds of gifts does one leave for a brownie and where does one leave it?  Perhaps at the mouse door?

During our fun, silly time the other night we spoke about building a little doorway, without the door, for our little mouse that lives at the base of the chimney and steals dog food out of Otis’ bowl.  We are also going to leave him the gift of cheese on  Christmas Eve.  This mouse has not been sex’d; I am using the pronoun ‘him’ just because it was the word that came outta my keyboard.  I think a little faerie door would add some charm to this part of the kitchen.

A15 & K14 are going to spend Christmas with their Dad so Ronnie and I are planning to do some work at the house, namely hang drywall on the ceiling in the kitchen.  Can you see, in this picture, the original wood walls that are now covered by pine planking?  The original ceiling is tongue ‘n groove ceiling (same as the original walls) that was covered with ceiling tiles.  We’ve decided to leave the ceiling tiles and hang the drywall over top thus creating a bit of insulation from kitchen noise; K14’s room is directly above the kitchen.  I’d love to be able to install these tiles on the ceiling, however, we have xtra drywall and need to use what we already have on hand – so drywall it is!  I’ll keep you posted on the progress.


December 23, 2009 - Posted by | family

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