Ward House

What awaits you

if you do not use a frost free faucet or forget to turn off the water and drain the outside faucet.  I did not get a picture of the faucet lying outside the house but was still attached to the pvc pipe with a nice cylinder of ice poking out. 

After changing, I was headed outside to bring in wood for the cook stove and heard water running.  No laundry was being done so there was no reason to hear water in this part of the house.  The outside shut off was just a foot away from me so I turned off the outside faucet and the sound of running water stopped.  This is when ‘Oh no’ just kinda of crept in.  Doning Ronnie’s knee high wader boots, I went to the basement to discover Lake Dunnagan – it is named after him ’cause he admits to forgetting to re-winterizing  the faucet (it had already been done but was turned back on for some reason I cannot remember).  He found the pump, just a tiny thing, and is draining Lake Dunnagan into the side yard.

A bit of good news – this package arrived in today’s post.  It is the result of a giveaway I won a few weeks ago.  I’ve only gotten as far as the intro and it has me spellbound!  This book is written by Margaret Hathaway over at Ten Apple Farm.  My plan is to start with some chickens and then at some point add a few dairy goats to the mix.  Oh, and Margaret included an extra little bag of goodies.  Love me some goodies!  Thank you Margaret!


December 31, 2009 - Posted by | goats


  1. So sorry to see your lake! I remember bailing out water a time or two – not fun! I hope there is no serious damage.Your books looks fun!

    Comment by Rue | December 31, 2009 | Reply

  2. =) We did not sail or ski on the lake. With the little pump it took about 45 minutes to drain down to the hose. There is still a puddle though not like before. I need to think about how to get that out. We just received another 2" of snow so evaporation is out of the question.

    Comment by Annette | December 31, 2009 | Reply

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