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A Fresh Start

I have been a bad follower – not reading your updates in a timely manner.  Well, this morning, as Ronnie is snoozing (he was up wicked early to check the wood furnace and make some breakfast), I am catching up.  The peeps are read are some amazingly talented, witty people.  Anyway, many of the last few days posts have been about the Blue Moon (and partial lunar eclipse – a big thank you to Ride a Good Horse for the detailed info!) and goals for the new year.  Goals?  I am supposed to make a list of goals?  Oy.  *shakes head*  Kathie has a sweet idea on how to post and keep hers visible.  D. Suplicki over at Whimsical Cottage caught my eye with this phrase, 

Tonight however, isn’t just the close of a year, but the close of a decade. A decade that held so much growth and change for me.

A decade.  10 years.  I try to live life one day at a time and this morning that phrase just really struck a cord for me.  This past decade I

  • divorced my first husband
  • married and divorced a second 
  • met and now live with Ronnie (marriage is the leading cause of divorce, did you know that?)
  • am living the life that was just a dream 10 years ago
  • have moved 6 times (3 in one year alone)

While each experience was a time of learning, my intention is to fill this next decade with learning of the less traumatic type.  Happy New Year, everyone.  Many blessings are headed your way!

(it would be nice if I could catch all the typing, grammar, and missing word bruhahas prior to publishing! Oy.)


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  1. (marriage is the leading cause of divorce, did you know that?) YES I knew that! Mind you it also took me 2 divorces to figure that out LOL

    Comment by Sherry | January 1, 2010 | Reply

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