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Gardens, chickens and knitting, oh my!

Kathie, over at Two Frog Home, has posted about upcycled jar lids – this is how I am going to mark the garden this year!  

 And while I am on the gardening topic, Matron of Husbandry, in her Grow a Pair post, talks about how male pullets are killed at the hatcheries because backyard flock people only want the girls and no boys (city ordinance thing).  Since the roo’s do not begin crowing until 15-20 weeks of age, you can definately raise them for the crock pot.  Young chicken is tender and tastey!  I originally was not going to post about this since the blog publishes to Facebook and yes, Sherry, I know you read it.  =)  And while I am on this rant, did you know that in Bath County gardens are illegal?  So here is how it reads: gardens are illegal, then they post that an exception is made, then at the end they say if there is a conflict the harsher rule applies.  Hmmm.  An attorney really needs to read these prior to publishing.  I’ve posted both below, in case your up for a fun read. 
Bath County Comprehensive Plan 2007-2012
Bath County Adopted Land Use

*whew*  ranting does feel good.  Now, off to some crafting love; my love of knitting/crocheting is no secret.  Phat Fiber is hosting a giveaway from Twice Sheered for this shawl pin with stitch markers.  Love me some Twice Sheered. 

Ok, I believe I am done for the day.  It iced last night and another ice storm is supposed to come through about noon.  Time to break back out the woolen mittens!

Stay warm.


January 21, 2010 - Posted by | Chickens, economy

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