Ward House

Another satisfying weekend

In preparation for the next storm that is due to start tonite/tomorrow, Ronnie and I have been outside cutting/splitting/stacking wood. We have logs at the house, just had no means of digging them out of the snow to cut – Ronnie’s boss lent us his tractor so in addition to moving the shed to the side yard, we have drug logs from off the hill to cut/split/stack.

While all of this is going on, there are black eyed peas on the stove and left over pot roast warming up for lunch – I used part of this recipe from October farm (no pepperocinis) and we did not put it on garlic bread.  We did, though, add potatoes and carrots; it was wonderful!

Two weeks ago the local paper published an opening, in our district, for the local planning/zoning board.  He left a message with that office that he was interested and the week after that office called to confirm his  interest.  We did not hear anything else until Saturday, when our neighbor (you’ll see her shop, Pat Broyles, in the left hand column) came over to say that the paper published Ronnie’s assignment to the board.  We have not officially heard from the county.  LOL  Let the games begin! 

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February 15, 2010 - Posted by | Cooking, politics

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