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We continue to work through winter, just waiting for seed starting time – for us will start about April.  Our last frost will not be until mid May.  Yes, the almanac has a different date; after living here for 5 years, I’ve learned to listen to the locals.  Last year we had a killing freeze (yes, under 32) in late May/early June.  Sad that I cannot remember exactly though I know it is written down somewhere.  Sadly not in this blog!  *gasp*

Over the weekend, though, temperatures were in the 40’s and the same is forecast for this week.  This means lots of mud.  *bleck*  I love the smell and cannot wait to sink my toes into some warm mud; just too cold to do that right now.

As you know I love to sew/knit/crochet in my ‘spare time’ (HA!).  My neighbor, Pat Broyles (see her button to the left), asked about selling some of these in her antique shop.  Old Ashwood School Antiques is more than just an antique store; Pat also sells her primitive artwork here was well.  She and I talked about how to set up a ‘business’ and late Saturday I created some business cards to safety pin to my pieces – yes, pictures will follow.  This afternoon I hope to have for her 4 scarflettes and a pair of pot holders.  My current project is a knit shawl using some red/black eyelash yarn.  Yes, a picture of that will be posted as well.

In the meantime I have totally slacked, missing my posting day at Homemakers Who Work and have slowed in posting here (which is something I miss).  For tomorrow’s class I need to be able to list, off the top of my head, 100 muscles.  In the trial run I had 40, which isnt bad.  Learning them in groups, back, legs, arms, etc helps. 

Just prior to posting, I was trying to catch up on my reading (449 posts.  Oy!  How does that happen?) and discovered  FIMBY implementing something we did last night – one bowl/plate/glass/etc. for each person.  As she points out, this allows to hand wash dishes without getting behind.  The extra dish ware goes to the hospitality cupboard.   

Hopefully tonite I can get caught up while studying and maybe even post some pictures!  =)

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February 23, 2010 - Posted by | Gardening, Homemakers Who Work

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