Ward House

Oh my Goodness

People forgive me for it has been a week since my last post!  Time flies when one is gardening, schooling, working, and sleeping.  =)

So the quick and dirty updates:

  • Lettuce is sprouting, onions are showing, and the cabbage is very happy.
  • A16 was asked to prom by a very nice young man.  Looks like I am 2nd hand dress shopping.
  • Classes continue to go well – I get impatient to be done.
  • the wood furnace is now officially shut down

I believe that sums it up.  Ronnie has had great fun with the tractor a.k.a. Bella and we are torn between keeping and selling her.  She is waay more than we need on our .5 acres yet I love her size and ‘gentle nature’.  It is somehow comforting; lends visual credibility to the whole ‘homesteading’ goal.  The community gets a kick out of seeing her around and the neighbors enjoy all her good deeds (moving, scooping, relocating, etc).  I wish there were more pictures to post – been too crazy to download.  This coming Monday is the bones of the body test, all 206 of them; 144 muscle test on Wednesday and then massage1 will be complete. *whew*


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