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Its time to declutter

Because I am housekeeping challenged it is important that items we do not use do not stay and clutter; clutter drains energy from the owner.  Items that I want to keep need to displayed or used in some manner; taking up drawer space does not count.

I have a love seat that belongs to my great-grandmother that I would love to keep and use.  This piece is so old that it still has the original horsehair stuffing!  Odis loves this material and has proceeded to chew a big hole in the seat – Mom, this is why I suggested it come to live at your house for the time being.  I believe I would probably recover/stuff it yet am scared to try as I have never tried something like this before.  Some of the springs have begun to push through the fabric and, well, it just needs a makeover.  *sighs*  Bartering for the fix would be divine though not realistic.  Googling to see if this is something I can tackle – any advise would be helpful.

Other items my step daughter has put dibs on for when she moves, starting out with candelabras and the leather porch sofa (you’d have to see it).  Whatever else there is, if she does not want it, it will go into the “everythings a-dollar” yard sale.  If it does not rain (like it is supposed to be doing right now) this’ll happen tomorrow.  I need to get this stuff outta here.  My next challenge is on how to better manage my paperwork.  Would scanning items and saving them to an external drive be a better idea?  I saw this the other day and have an extra dresser that can be converted into such a beautiful and useful item.   Check out those binders – makes me want to organize papers!  My challenge with organizing is having what I need at hand to create that organized space.  I’ll nit Ronnie up for some nails later this evening.  Muhaha

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  1. I have a file cabinet I put all my papers into, but the really important ones like birth certificate and things like that go in a ziplock in the freezer. An insurance agent told me to do this as things in a freezer seldom burn in a fire. I didn’t have money for a fireproof safe at the time. All paid utilities are in one folder in the file cabinet, medical, paid other bills, receipts, pay stubs, anything to do with taxes, home – insurance and mortgage, auto – anything to do with the cars including insurance. I think you get the drift. I pay bills all online through the bank because it is greener and frankly easier. I can pay all the bills and put them in the ledger in about 15-20 minutes. Takes longer to write them in the ledger than to actually pay them. These are just little things I picked up over the years. I also go through the mail totally as soon as it comes in the house. Even the junk mail gets looked at and then ripped in half and tossed. The magazine type junk mail goes directly to the recycle bin. Since I am heading out of state for 5 months and am the one who pays the bills, I made sure all the bills come via email now and can all be paid online. Therefore hubby doesn’t have to worry about a thing while I am gone except working and feeding himself. I am even taking the animals with me and trying to get our retirement place more up to snuff before he retires next September. I am also leaving for medical reasons, humidity is a migraine trigger for me and summer here in South NJ is very humid. Sorry to ramble but I know what you are going through, been decluttering now for the past 3 years to take less with us in the move. Good place to help with it is flylady.net. She has helpful hints on everything there from decluttering your house to getting finances under control and even decluttering your body (her term for weight loss) Helpful site if you get a chance to check it out.

    Comment by Adele | April 23, 2010 | Reply

    • Adele – sounds like you have it together! Decluttering is such a rejuvenating process. I went through the living room on Friday and piled schtuff into a laundry basket; my neighbor came over and snagged a large bunch of it (to sell in her shop) and I felt light as a feather!
      I’ve visited flylady before and found the morning routine and such to be too much; however, after readying your post I think I’ll go back and glean what will work for us right now. Congrats on the retirement! Good luck with the move < do not envy that! =)

      Comment by Annette | April 26, 2010 | Reply

  2. Oh and just to let you know, hubby has his 1040’s from 1976 when he first worked and all his pay stubs too. He saves paperwork, I save books.

    Comment by Adele | April 23, 2010 | Reply

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