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Kim, of The Inadvertent Farmer,  shared the most amazing Hummus recipe which incorporates almond butter and curry.  Back in the day, I used almond butter instead of peanut butter… that is until the store from which I found said butter closed – a sad day. Kim’s  recipe. . .

3 cups cooked garbanzo beans (chick peas) or 2 cans

1/4 Cup of the cooking liquid from the beans

1/2 Cup Tahini (sesame seed paste)

3 cloves garlic peeled (I often use more but I’m a garlicky girl!)

1/4 Cup + 1 TBSP lemon juice

3 TBSP Water

3/4 tsp sea salt (adjust to your taste)

1/2 Cup Almond butter (I make mine out of raw almonds in the Vita-Mix)

2 tsp Curry powder
Put it all in a blender and blend till smooth!

(If you leave out the almond butter and curry you can have plain hummus, but what fun is that?)

Serve to your kids with carrots, peppers, broccoli or celery to dip…what a perfectly healthy and easy snack!

And just for fun try different flavors, like hummus with spinach, or feta cheese, or my all time favorite…roasted red and yellow peppers.  Oh my!

Almond butter had slipped my mind until I read Kim’s recipe.  She makes her own almond butter – oh how I would love to do the same!  The hunt was on. . .  Kim, correct me here – from what I have read online, one needs to blanch the almonds first to remove the skins, which can lend a bitter taste to the butter.  The easy blanch is place almonds in a bowl, cover with boiling water, sit for one minute, drain & rinse with cold water, pat dry and slip off skins.

Making said butter appears to require more than just my mini food processor (great for making ramp pesto) – what I am reading says that it will burn this little one out quickly – can anyone confirm or refute that statement?  Some say not to use the blender at it does not produce a smooth butter and another says a blender is fine.  Basically you place the nuts (work in batches) in the blender/processor and process til smooth.  The almond butter I bought in the store was just slightly crunchy; ever so slight.

Does anyone have experience with this?


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  1. Ramp pesto? Awesome! I miss ramps. By the way, you’re the winner in my giveaway, so please contact me with your info when you can. Congratulations!

    Comment by Zedral Z | May 11, 2010 | Reply

    • I wonder if the frozen ramp pesto would make it to you in time?? Hmmm…

      Comment by Annette | May 11, 2010 | Reply

  2. Unfortunately I don’t think so. Packages take a couple of weeks to get here. I’m from WV and we used to go ramp hunting and have ramps with beans, or scrambled with eggs.

    Comment by Zedral Z | May 11, 2010 | Reply

    • Ah… I may have to ramps with beans tonite – thank you for the idea! =)

      Comment by Annette | May 11, 2010 | Reply

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