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How did they do it?

Before the advent of weather.com and other forecasting software, how did the old timers know when it was ok to set out plants?  Is the almanac that accurate??  We have had weeks of really warm weather; around here it is safe to plant after Mother’s day.  That appears to no longer be the case.  I took this picture when home for lunch and, if you look closely, you will see the seedling (that was started inside) is OK while the plant purchased at the local garden store is not.  The same thing appears to be true with these pepper plants.  How can one be OK and the next not?  We knew that it would be close yet the wind was too strong for us to cover the plants and have the covering stay.  In retrospect, would straw have done the trick?  If we wet it down?  *sighs*  If I remember correctly that almanac was not proving to be ‘dead on’ which causes me to think that perhaps “close” is good enough.  Ronnie said that just because the ‘ok’ plants looked fine that these would droop later.  Can any of you give me hope?  So much work and all to loose it in one breezy night?  Now if the breeze had kept up, the plants would have been ok as the frost could not have settled. The grapes were also hit; not all, just the upper clusters.  *crosses fingers*

In other news, here are a few pictures from prom – these are of A16 and her date.

A16 & date

pre-prom foot massage

red carpet affair

Some arrived on horseback and others in stretch limos.  From what I’ve heard, a good time was had by all!


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