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Almond Butter

I really enjoy almond butter; it is a food I miss since moving to Bath County.  We went to Food Lion this morning and they have almond butter in the health food section for $7  (roughly) a jar.  Too rich for my taste; instead we spent $3.?? for 12 oz of roasted nuts so I could make my own.

Blanching went well.  The naked beauties were then slipped some into the blender.  Well, that makes a nice almond meal.  This meal collects along the sides of the blender and does not turn into ‘butter’.  Hmmm.  What if I throw the mix into my mini processor.  This makes a finer meal, still no butter.  More reading resulted in the need to add a touch of oil if the butter was too dry – and that worked. I used canola – still not what I remember eating from the jar.

This ‘butter’ is light in color; the almond butter I’ve bought before included the skins so the next batch will not be blanched.

Hope your weekend was enjoyable!


May 17, 2010 - Posted by | Cooking, recipes


  1. Almond butter is so delicious! We get this amazing sweetened hazelnut butter here, coarse ground. Oh, it’s fantastic. I mailed your package Friday. It will take probably close to 2 weeks for it to arrive from overseas. I haven’t posted pictures of anything that’s in it so it will be a surprise. Enjoy!

    Comment by Zedral Z | May 19, 2010 | Reply

    • I cannot wait for the package to arrive – have my camera ready!! =) Wish I had a bit more direction on making nut butters. What I made is edible yet not visually satisfying; I am afraid to use too much oil.

      Comment by Annette | May 19, 2010 | Reply

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