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A love of Lavender

There is just something about that scent.  Scent is powerful and can trigger a forgotten memory faster than anything; I do not remember this scent from my past.  The sight and smell draw me. 

Our lavender plants are extremely happy and have produced more than I remember seeing in prlavenderevious years; scented sachets or eye masks are in my future and to do that those buds need to be harvested then dried.  What’s a girl to do?

From what I’ve read, cut just above the leaves just as the buds are opening; use a rubber band to hang dry in a warm dark place.  Hmmm.  Warm is about anywhere in the house.  Dark would be, well, probably the garden shed or garage.  7-10 days should do the trick. 

Once dried, to separate the buds from the stems, place the dried stems in newspaper and roll into a tube.  Gently roll on a hard surface as if you were rolling out dough.  This will separate the buds without damaging them and allow the stems to be used to scent the wood cook stove.  =)

The past two weeks have not allowed me to harvest as the buds were opening so my stems are a bit more ‘mature’; still fragrant.  And perfect. 

This same method can be used for other herbs – Chiots Run talks about oregano (which we have) and I’ll add to the list sage, mint, lemon balm and catnip.  Typing this got me to thinking that setting these to dry in the van while I am at work would not only have the van smelling good but also dry these herbs up fairly quickly (black van + 8 hours sun = one HOT oven. Might be too hot actually.  Has anyone else tried this – drying herbs in a vehicle?


UPDATE:  Yes, these can be dried in the car – Frugal Upstate details here. 


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