Ward House

The lavender mobile

Yesterday, after work and before I needed to leave for class, I harvested the lavender.  These buds are not mature as first thought – these are just before blooming.  schweet!  So I snagged the dehydrator trays, loaded ‘em up (minimal overlap) and set the trays into the back of the van to dry.  Since it was late afternoon/early evening most of the heat had dissipated.  Today will be the real test at the van will be in the sun all day. 

Because this first aid class is two weeks long, 3.5 hours each day, there are no test times; those must be taken on our own time during library hours.  The library has very limited summer hours and, since we have two weeks after the end of class to get tests taken, I took a 1/2 days vacation today and took all the tests up to today’s and tomorrow’s class.  Those tests can be taken next Wed after work (the library will be open until 9pm). 

The garden continues to look good with the cabbages beginning to form heads. 

And, for those of you with a yarn fetish, Phat Fiber is holding a giveaway for Storybook Yarn.  Check it out and enter!


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  1. mmmm, sounds like Lavendar cookies are in order.

    Comment by Paulette | June 7, 2010 | Reply

    • Agreed! I may need to bake up some tonite – have a recipe?

      Comment by Annette | June 7, 2010 | Reply

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