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At a loss for words

Today started out like any other day and now, well, I wait.  The local hospital has free athletic physicals; both girls have always passed, to everyone’s delight.  My girls are athletic, eat well, and are just overall healthy. 

Today, that changed.  The local hospital is telling me that A16 has a heart murmur; they cannot approve her for physical activity.  They want to run tests.  Would it be safe to assume that something like this would have been mentioned by her regular physician?  No one on either side of the family has a documented murmur, or even the rumor of one (no pun intended). 

This same office told me that K14’s vision has gotten really bad while the optometrist, who saw her just last month, says her vision has not changed much since last year.  The local NP (nurse practitioner) wanted to schedule an ECG to which I replied that we would go to her Md in Roanoke; we have an appt at 9:30 this Friday.

A16 is scared; I am apprehensive.


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