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This is the newest immuno candy that health care providers (HCP) are pushing.  Yes, I’ve read the info about what it is supposed to do in a large percent of the population.  Drug companies are going to tell you what they want you to hear and what will sell their product.

The above is produced by Merck & Co, Inc.  I asked our health care prof. about the studies, how long it took to clear the FDA, side effects, how the study was conducted and she did not know.  Ok, off to the web.  A quick search brought me to the FDA adverse event reporting site.  It also includes this information:

  • It was approved for use in June 2008
  • Approval came after 6 MONTHS of evaluation
  • safety was evaluated on 11,000 individuals
  • The manufacturer agreed to conduct several studies following licensure.
  • The serum includes aluminum
  • The manufacturer was included in the review panel

What you say??

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See for yourself – page 4; and where are the additional studies?  Note that one page states that 11,000 were experimented on used in the experiment and then another article says 21,000.  That’s quite a difference.  The FDA also has this to say

Concerns have been raised about reports of deaths occurring in individuals after receiving Gardasil.  As of December 31, 2008, 32 deaths had been reported to VAERS.  There was not a common pattern to the deaths that would suggest they were caused by the vaccine.  In the majority of cases with available autopsy, death certificate and medical records, the cause of death was explained by factors other than the vaccine.

Umm, ok the conspiracy side of me is skeptical.

This site also notes that between 3,700 and 4,000 (depends on which report you read)deaths each year are attributed to HPV, which Gardasil is said to protect against.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published that in 2008, 34,017 people died in traffic accidents.  Hmmm, appears to be a MUCH better problem.

Yes, I know the history of vaccines has been a rocky one.  Many people died while trying to figure out what doses of which chemicals produced the best result.  I’d rather my girls not be guineas.


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