Ward House

My name is slacker

Yes.  That is me.  A crisis of conscious has been upon me and it has been paralyzing.  So much needs to be done and yet I seem to get nothing done.  Part of this paralysis are classes on Mon/Wed; and the rest of the days?  Just slacking under the guise of being tired.  I, personally, can justify that guise every once in awhile; weeks at a time is just not normal.  Not for me.

In an attempt to not be so hard on myself, this is the plan.  Classes are over for the week and within the next few days I want to plant radishes, the 2nd wave of lettuce, squash (found my first shield bugs the other day) and sprouts.  Tonite Ronnie has commissioned me to help install the coop fence. In my absence, he installed the door and three hen boxes (flacking paint will be removed).

Included below are pictures from the weed/vegetable garden.  Yes, there are carrots mixed in with the onions.

IMG_1268 IMG_1271 IMG_1265 IMG_1267 IMG_1266 and no garden pictures would be complete without including a picture of Bella.


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