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Tomato ties and splits

My tomatoes are planted not in straight enough rows for this work this year thought I like the idea for next. Posting it here means that I will not loose the information for next year and, who knows, someone might need it! I have cages for some of the tomatoes and need to create cages for the remaining ones.  The cherry tomatoes have already begun to fruit.  Last year I lost so many of them to splitting.

In searching for causes of ‘da split’  I found that inconsistent watering, improper fertilization, & temperature fluctuations can cause this tomato from Flikrmisfortune.  Last year’s growing season was a big temp and water flux – sometimes hot and dry, wet and cold for the next.  Fertilization did not happen last year though this fall, the garden is getting a blanket of old horse manure.  That will hopefully correct many things for the next season.  Here is a shot of my little wonders!  

IMG_1390 IMG_1389


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