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Chinese waves

I am back into knitting dish cloths and a new favorite design is this one by Maggie’s Rags (who appears to be only 2 hours south of where I am!).  It is aptly named Chinese waves. The couple whose wedding we are attending this Saturday will receive a dish cloth from this pattern, a crochet pot holder, mirror (on their registry list, though hand crafted by Ronnie) and a tea light holder.  I’ll get a picture of the mirror and tea light holder this evening.

Yesterday evening we went to the art show and band concert at the high school;  A16 and K14 had several pieces on display.  As it turns out  A16 had one piece place best in show and another second place.  This collage includes a few of the pieces, not all; the missing art will be published as it is framed and hung about the house. 


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Oh the possibilities

Ronnie has just left for work, the girls are still sleeping, dishes are almost done and the sun is already shining.  Laundry is out on the line, recycling is sorted and loaded in the van for the quick trip down the road to the green boxes, kids are up and getting ready to visit their Dad for the Easter weekend and I am bursting with energy!  Time to walk away from the machine – I’ll post some tonite, once the sun goes down.

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Lucky Lunch

My coworker said that black eyed peas, rice and spinach were the foods one ate on New Year’s day to have a lucky year.  Well, we decided to have it for lunch…. today.  =)

Have a safe and Happy New Year’s celebration!

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