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Some clean Holiday gift giving

Happy Yule and welcome to those visiting from the Domestic Witch’s Home Crafted Holiday tour and to the Ward Houses’ faithful following!  My holiday craft tutorial involves either crochet or knitting dish/wash clothes.  These puppies seem to last forever, unless your puppy gets hold of one and, well, these are not chew proof.  These gifts combine a love of working with yarn and creating something that will last.  The completed gift will include a bar of homemade soap. 

This first cloth is a crochet pattern from Lion Brand (pattern 60587A-3).  Hook size G (6), and 1 ball of 100% cotton yarn.  The closest store that carries yarn is Walmart so my cloths are made with either Peaches & Creme or Sugar & Creme yarn.

Chain 33
Row 1: skip 2 chains (counts as single crochet), work 2 double crochet in next chain, *skip 2 chains, work (single crochet, 2 double crochet) in next chain; repeat from * to last 3 chains, skip 2 chains, single crochet in last chain – 10 (single crochet, 2 double crochet) pattern repeats.
Row 2:  Chain 1 (counts as single crochet), turn, 2 double crochet in first single crochet, *skip 2 double crochet, (single crochet, 2 double crochet) in next single crochet; repeat from * across, single crochet in turning chain.
Repeat row 2 until piece measures 10 1/2 inches from beginning, fasten off.  Weave in edges.

This next pattern is from Homespun Living and will need 1 ball of 100% cotton yarn (again I use the Peaches & Cream) and size 6 knitting needles.  Knitting, just like crochet, has its own set of abbreviations.  K = knit, P = purl.  It took me several rips to get the hang of what this is supposed to look like. The stripping was not intended; just worked out that way.

Cast on 38 stitches. Knit 3 rows for border.
Row 1: (right side): knit
Row 2: K3, purl to last 3 stitches, K3
Row 3: K3(P2, K1) 10 times, P2, K3
Row 4: K3, (K2, P1) 10 times, K5.

Repeat these 4 rows fourteen times.

Knit last 4 rows. Bind off, weave in ends.

Now for the necessary – I was not paid nor was I given anything by the companies listed above to share this information with you.  *sighs* 

Enjoy yourselves and have a great holiday!


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16 days (roughly)

And counting.  We will actually celebrate Yule a little early as we will have all kids home the weekend of 12/19.  I am feeling a bit crunched.  Yes, we give only a few small gifts to each other.  Still.  There are so many patterns that I’d like to stitch/hook/knit and so little time – even when I started earlier this year!  I must admit to being scattered especially since I keep changing the list!  LOL  Adults are easy enough – it is making something that my fashionista teens will like that I find most challenging. 

Having typed all of that, I did find these posts today that provided some inspiration:

  1. Repurposed sewing, which some great book links, from FIMBY.
  2. Beeswax, candles (citrus) from brown robin
  3. Great December desktop wallpapers from Smashing Magazine.
  4. Field Guide to Cookies giveaway.  =)  Find your inspiration!

Today I have also posted at Homemakers Who Work – scoot over there to see pictures of the gingerbread house we created this weekend.  The recipe is included!

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Advent Calendar

In a round-about way I found this cute advent calendar tutorial from Sweet Paul and had to post a quite share.  Now if I just had 25 match boxes.  =)

Picture 247

I made this advent calendar for Country Living.
Its made of matchboxes and some scraps of paper.
Just hot glue the tops of empty boxes to one another so you get rows.
The bottom should be 9 and decrease by two until you have a single box.
Cut wrapping paper to cover each row, secure with hot glue.
Then hot glue the rows in a tree shape as shown.
I used small stamps to stamp the numbers on each box.
On top you can hot glue a star or a cut out like I did on this one.
Fill the boxes with candy and trinkets and you are ready to go.
Photo by Victor Schrager


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