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Found this yesterday and have just the sweater to use – glad I did not donate!

I hope to take a picture this afternoon – wore the bolero top today.  LOVE IT!

Now for a sweet non-halloween giveaway that does not expire until 11/3; check out the goods over at Keeper of the Home.  Another must read is over at A Homesteading Neophyte; read yesterday’s entry about the snake and then today’s – love young people’s logic!
Lastly I fell in love with this book (The Sew-It Book) < would make a cute addition to our library! My girls would enjoy this, during one of their crafty  moments!

That Queen Anne’s Lace scarflette is finished and I started one in black.  Crochet is so much faster/easier for me.  I believe once I finish this sock, the next one will be crochet!  =)  More on that later. 

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An Observation

This week I was able to walk home from work 3 different days; of those 3 days, on two, Ronnie picked me up and carried me the rest of the way home.  Yesterday was the first day I was able to walk home, start to finish – what an experience!  Oh, this picture was taken on my walk.  Now for the observations.

  • Not the time to carry a heavy bag home from work.
  • People think you are walking because your car has broken down, not because you want to.
  • I have three friends who will pick me up (not including Ronnie)
  • Crazy people drive down Rte 220 
  • Rte 220 is not designed for foot traffic – it is not even foot traffic friendly.  Where is the shoulder??

I believe the second observation was the most profound to me.  My three now known friends that stopped were shocked that I would walk by choice.  What?  You are suprised that I have even three friends who will give me a ride?  tee hee.  It was a great indian summer afternoon/eve to walk; the smell of the leaves and horses grazing close to the fence, the sound of cattle calling to their babies.

That brings me to another moment of revelation.  I’ve been using a deodorant stone for awhile now and have noticed that on very warm days I can smell myself.  Not in a bad way, I just notice my personal odor.  Does not bother me, however, other people that I work with may feel different.  So last night I mixed a deodorant recipe that Melinda, over at One Green Generation posted.  No odor after yesterdays 2.3 mi walk, up an incline, home. 

Oh, and today I am the guest blogger for the 23rd day of Halloween – come see! 

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Cold, slow, knitting day

Slow day today – really cold outside, nice and warm inside.  Would you believe VDOT was on call night for snow?  Yes, some of you already have had snow, and I am envious.  =)  Ronnie’s trying to get the washing machine fixed; seems everytime it would spin the water out, it was leaking down the wall – not something we noticed until water appeared onto the floor!  *ack*  I’ve been cleaning in the living room, our room, making granola and yogurt is ‘cookin’.  Now if I can get some knitting in, all the better!

The sock is coming along.  I did pull out stitches back to the heel flap and have reworked the gusset.  It looks good except that I am not pleased with the left side of the gusset; knit one, slip two stitches to working needle, then knit them. For me, knitting left to right is difficult, right to left, no problems.  *shrugs*  Could be the way I hold the yarn. *shrugs*  Have not found a link on youtube yet that shows an easier way to do this.  Easier is not the best word – makes sense way for me is better.

Again, I’ll try to get pictures up for you today (or tomorrow).  Getting back to the cleaning/organizing. 

Giveaways that end at 9pm est tonite. . .

Get yourself some Halloween lovin!

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Getting ready for the Garden and giveaways

Our greenhouse will not be built in time to use for this year so seed starting will begin indoors, hogging the window space.  My challenge is how to create pots to use for seeds that will not require me to buy plastic.  The round, newspaper pots I made last year (using a glass) did not work well; the bottoms would not stay closed and the round shape made it difficult to keep them close together.

Thankfully, dancingfarmer has reposted information on how to make newspaper pots; this design makes sense to me and appears to be what I am looking for.  The link to directions can be found here.  There is also this video. . .

And now for giveaways:

  • An artful wand created by Marie Segal.  My favorite piece in her shop are the Dia De Los Muertos pendants. 
  • Beautiful babbles from M. Augusta Woodland. 

I spoke to the good neighbor today and she knows someone who has a garlic farm about 30 minutes from here.  He is coming to her place to talk garlic and I think I may head over to listen in. 

We might see snow this afternoon eve; it is raining and the current temp is 37.4.  Brrs!

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Halloween giveaways and a little story

I love horses.  This is no secret to some, a revelation to others.  Some horsebacking riding lessons as a child coupled with 4-H membership in the horse judging club and collecting Breyer Model Horses has kept this love alive.  We did not own a horse when I was growing up – horses are not cheap.  I made due with riding other people’s horses in exchange for mucking stalls, cleaning tack, etc.  Then 20 years swept past without the opportunity to ride and I moved to Hot Springs VA and went to work for the Homestead Resort as a trail guide.  Thankfully I was able to take my riding test on a fairly calm horse and had the job.  My love affair with horses was resumed and lasted for 4 months, until I received an offer to accept the job I now have. 

Riding everyday was every little girl’s dream; does not pay the bills so I changed carriers.  All of this to tell you about Gypsy Mare Studio’s Halloween Giveaway.  In this giveaway you get to choose any Halloween, hand painted theme’d pendant from her etsy shop.  < no I am not getting paid for this; I earn 3 entries towards winning and it gives me a chance to reveal a little something about me.  (I love horses, Halloween and giveaways!) This one will expire on 10/18. 

All of the giveaways I blog about often allow for additional entries if you twitter about the giveaway.  I do not have a twitter account and even for extra entries, I will not open a twitter account.  It is enough that I blog, read a slew of other bloggers, and keep up with my facebook account (HA!).  Twitter is something else to distract me – not gonna do it.  =)

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Halloween Giveaways

More to come – wanted to share these first to give you enough time to enter; These expire at 9pm est tonite so hurry!

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More sweet Hallowe’en giveaways

So much news, I’ll start with the goodies first. These giveaways end at 9pm est tonite, so you gotta be quick on the draw:

Other news gets a separate post – cannot write atm. =)

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Saturday + Sunday

It has been a quiet weekend, of sorts. Both Saturday and Sunday Ronnie and I spent cutting/splitting wood while the girls and a friend hung out here and got ready for the homecoming dance (Sat. nite); both girls enjoyed the dance, came home and collapsed into bed. Dancing is such hard work!

Cold temps have moved in with a wind that really makes me think of winter. Sunday we talked about stacking the corn stalks and decorating the front yard – talking is as far as we got. After 1 load of wood on Saturday and 3 loads yesterday we were pooped. Last night we did watch Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp. So enjoy me some Depp. =)

More Halloween giveaways – this ends today at 9pm est!

And a bit of sobering news: our local hospital’s billing office is closing at the end of this month. It would appear that people in Alabama can do the job for less than what the hospital was paying these local people. I am sad to see people loose their jobs (even if they were grouchy) and wonder how the older people in the community will cope with trying to talk a medical bill over the phone with someone who does not know them?

I am thankful to have a job, my home, and a healthy family.

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Friday Hallowe’en Giveaways

If you are into Halloween, than do I have some giveaway’s for you!

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