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Windows Live Writer?  It is my new favorite way to create blog posts.  The  wordpress-logopicture/font/color options are wonderful AND it interfaces with WordPress beautifully.  Notice the cool shadow?  There are other sweet features including a watermark and tilt.  Gotta love it. 

NOTE:  I was/am not being compensated for mentioning the Writer nor for using the WordPress logo as an example.

Just had to share my new toy with you. 


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You are not forgotten

This two week class is really kicking my you-know-what; this weekend I hope to have some goodness to share with you, just not until then.  I am looking forward to some sleeping after tonite.  Zzzzz.

I am, actually, caught up on reading everyone’s blogs and have even commented on a few.  I’ll be back soon – promise!

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This little guy was taking advantage of the sun – love the detail!

dragon scales

I’ve also been busy working with Squidoo (link to my first lens, Damper Dance) and checking out hub pages – trying to expand my horizons (thank you Cindy, for the prompt).  Any of you have experience with either?

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Jen’s post over at Woolgatherings really struck a note and I just had to share.  She starts off with (the whole post is a must read)…

We write to be heard. To express our ideas, our dreams. To touch lives that we may never meet tangibly but through words we are pilgrims along the same path.

The Ward House started out as a way to chronicle our family’s journey into becoming more sustainable. Our small step to make a different through not only our lives but those of our children; teaching them the skills that they will need in the future.  It was also an easy way to keep my family, who live in different parts of the state and the world, up to date on our goings-on.  An unforeseen outcome was finding old and making new friends via not only posting/commenting but also on cross publishing to my FB account.

In addition to friends, I have been exposed to alternate viewpoints, learned a gazillion new skills, and increased my vocabulary (notice the gazillion word?).  It has also opened the way to a few writing opportunities.  For me, writing and drawing have always been a treat – creativity that is released when another project/problem/chore is not clamoring for my attention.  These creative times, until recently (like in the last year or two) were few and far between; creativity is a muscle that atrophies without use.  *sighs*  I am going to preach to the choir (and myself)- always make time to be creative.  That muscle is exercised more often now, often here, writing for other blogs/sites, and via photography (though not enough pictures seem to make it here).  

All that brings me here: a writing opportunity has presented from dig the dirtDisclaimer alert:  this is not a review nor am I being reimbursed for the mentioning (sad that this must be included).  Since you are so in-the-loop, I’ll let you know when that article posts. I am psyched!


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Why do you write?

Last night I was thinking about this blog; why I write and how these words have changed since blogging began in May of 2008.  No, I am not going to stop the blog; just thinking about the information I share, if it is enough, the right stuff, etc.  After reading Jen’s post over at Woolgatherings, I realized that the content really does not matter (for the most part).  This blog began as an easy way to document and journal my little family’s journey into a simplier way of living, topics of interest, ramblings, etc.  A creative outlet if you will.  Family and friends who do not live close are able to get a peek inside. 

Not everything sees the light of day; some thoughts are too dark or disturbing or just need to stay out of the local grapevine – yes, I have a small local readership via Facebook.  =)  Perhaps that does not count as a readership as these poor souls are ‘forced’ to read because they are my friends.  Muhaha.  =)

I enjoy writing here and the input/comments that are shared.  My followers excite and inspire; when a follower leaves I wonder what went wrong; am I now boring?  not informative enough?  Am I investing too much energy into wondering why someone leaves? 

Thank you. All of you.  For hanging out with me, listening (or maybe that’s reading), commenting, and walking with me on this part of the trail. 

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